How to Check the Number of Accounts That Blocked You on Twitter


In the dynamic realm of social media, Twitter has become a significant platform for expressing opinions, sharing information, and engaging with diverse communities. Alongside the positive interactions, it’s essential to be aware of the less favorable aspects, such as being blocked by other users. Curiosity about how many accounts blocked me on Twitter is only natural. While Twitter doesn’t provide a direct feature to track this, there are methods to gain insights into your blocked account count.

Understanding Twitter Blocks

Before delving into how to discover the number of accounts that have blocked you on Twitter, it’s crucial to understand the concept of blocking. How many accounts blocked me on twitter. When a user blocks you on Twitter, they prevent you from viewing their tweets, following them, and engaging with their content. This can occur due to disagreements, privacy concerns, or simply to curate their online experience.

Understanding Twitter Blocks-

Methods to Discover Blocked Accounts

While Twitter doesn’t provide an official tool to check the exact number of accounts that have blocked you, there are third-party applications and methods that can help you gain an estimate. Here are a few approaches:

Use Third-Party Apps: Some third-party apps and services claim to provide insights into who has blocked you on Twitter. Examples include “Who Blocked Me on Twitter” and “Circleboom.” These platforms analyze your followers’ list and notify you of accounts that might have blocked you.

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Manual Check: Although time-consuming, you can manually gauge the number of accounts that have blocked you. Go through your follower list and check if specific accounts are missing from your followers’ count. If you recall following someone but can’t see their tweets or profile, it’s likely that they’ve blocked you.

Engagement Metrics: If an account has blocked you, any interactions between you and that account will be limited. For instance, you won’t be able to view their tweets or engage with their content. A sudden decrease in interactions can hint at potential blocks.


While Twitter itself doesn’t offer a direct method to check how many accounts have blocked you, you can use third-party applications or manual checks to estimate this number. Remember that being blocked is a common occurrence on social media and doesn’t necessarily reflect your online interactions. It’s essential to focus on positive engagement and meaningful connections while navigating the digital landscape.

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